Tuesday, May 31, 2005

1876 Berea

In 1876 the D. G. Beers & Co. of Philadelphia printed a map of Madison County, Kentucky which depicted its magistrate districts and listed the physical location of many residents. Approximately 100 sites were designated in Berea.

In 1997 the Madison County Historical Society created an index of the landowners depicted on the Beers map, arranged alphbetically, and listing the vocation of the owner, precint and the nearest map landmark.

The following are the sites listed for Berea:

Ames, G. Resident Glade Precint Berea map landmark
Asbury, B Farmer
Ballard, H. Resident
Bicknell, T. E. Resident
Black, S Farmer
Blythe, N. Resident
Bonny, G. Farmer
Bower, R. Farmer
Bratcher, W. Farmer
Breckenridge, Mrs. Resident
Burdett, J. Resident
Burnham, J. Farmer
Campbell, C. Farmer
Cavanaugh, A. Resident
Clark, J. H. Professor
Glascoe, G. Resident
Coyle, A. N. Farmer
Coyle, J. General Store
Coyle, T. Resident
Coyle, T. H. Farmer
Crawford, A. Farmer
Critenden, H. R. Professor
Denny, Mrs. Resident
Dobbs, Mrs. Resident
Dodge, L. V. Professor
Drew, J. Farmer
Duncan, C. Resident
Dutson, R. H. Farmer
Embree, L. Mrs. Resident
Evans, W. M. Resident
Fairchild, E. H. Pres. Coll.
Farris, C. Farmer
Fee, J. G. Professor
Gentry, Samuel Resident
Green, B. Resident
Guins, Mrs. Resident
Haley, M. Mrs. Resident
Hamilton, A. Farmer
Hamilton, W. Farmer
Hanson, A. J. Grocery
Hanson, A. J. Resident
Hanson, J. Farmer
Hanson, J. G. Farmer
Hanson, S. G. Resident
Harrison, J. M. Blacksmith
Hart, J. Staff
Hazelwood, C. Farmer
Heron, D. Resident
Heron, S. H. Resident
Holland, G. V. Physician
Hooker, W. Farmer
Hudson, D. Resident
Hutchinson, W. B. Staff
Jarman, A. Farmer

Jarris, W. R. Staff
Johnson, A. Farmer
Johnson, M. Farmer
Johnson, P. B. Staff
Johnson, S. C. Farmer
Kennedy, H. Resident
Kindred, J. Resident
Kirby, J. Resident
Lester, C. Resident
Lester, Charles Lumber
Marsha, S. J. Physician
Miller, M. Resident
Monen, M. Resident
Moody, W. Farmer
Moore, C. Farmer
Moore, S. Farmer
Moss, J. Resident
Newton, D. F. Resident
Nicholls, G. L. Resident
Northcutt, J. B. Staff
Parks, J. Resident
Preston, E. Mrs. Resident
Preston, R. I. Resident
Robe, W. H. Resident
Romaines, W. Resident
Ryan, H. V. Resident
Smith Resident
Spratt, N. Farmer
Stepp, W. Resident
Thompson, T. Farmer
Todd, J. Farmer
Todd, J. M. Farmer
Todd, M. Farmer
Vinagar, S. Mrs. Resident
Walker, E. Farmer
Weaver, A. Farmer
Wheeler, W. Resident
White, P. Mrs. Resident
White, W. Resident
Williams, S. Farmer
Willis, S. Farmer
Wilt, F. Staff
Woolwine, G. Farmer
Woolwine, J. G. Farmer
Wyatt, J. Resident
Yates, C. Resident
Yates, H. Cobbler


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