Monday, February 27, 2006

Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Delta Gas, founded by Harrison D. Peet on October 14, 1949 in Stanton, Kentucky, opened a Berea office at the corner of U.S. Highway 25 and Meadowlark Drive in 1955. Delta's target market was mainly residential and small industrial users. The company obtained natural gas from interstate suppliers like Columbia and Tennessee Gas and delivered it to local communities through local transmissions lines. Delta Gas brought a new source of energy to Berea.

Delta Gas grew rapidly over the years. Its first annual report reflected a customer base of 398. By 1975 it had approximately 11,000 customers and 300 miles of pipeline. In the past twenty-five years, Delta Gas has continued to grow through acquisitions and mergers. In 2001 Delta Gas employed 156 employees system-wide, owned over 23,000 miles of pipe, and served over 40,000 customers in 23 central and southeastern Kentucky counties. It has five district offices located in Berea, Corbin, Middlesboro, Nicholasville, and Owingsville, and a corporate headquarters in Winchester.

Delta's Berea office moved into a newly constructed building on Glades Road in November 2001. Glenn R. Jennings, a Berea native and resident, is President, CEO, and chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been associated with Delta Gas since January 8, 1979.

See Berea Citizen, 29 May 1986, p85; and information contributed by company.


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