Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Berea High School First Commencement

The Berea High School, sometimes referred to as "fruit jar" high school, held its first Commencement exercises on May 19, 1929 at the Berea Baptist Church. The ten graduates each delivered an original essay:

Clinton Hensley — Preparedness for Peace
Adith Smith — Ambition
Wilbur Wynn — Achievement
Ella Mae Powell — Shall We Open the Gates?
Thurman Todd — The Airplane and the Future
Gladys Oliver— America’s Tenth Man
Fred Rominger—Repairing the Cabinet
Helen Cornelius—Lindbergh in Central America
Walter McKeehan—Kentucky for Progress
Lillian Hutchins—Valedictory

The commencement address was delivered by the Rev. Howard Morgan, pastor of the Maxwell Presbyterian Church of Lexington. His theme was "Democracy" and a plan for the youth of our country to face the problems and solve them.

See Berea Citizen 16May1929 and 30May1929.


Blogger newsomje said...

Thurman Todd (one of the 1929 graduates of Berea High) was my grandmother's brother. I'm very interested to find out that the topic of his commencement essay involved airplanes, as my own brother is a pilot and has had a love of airplanes of flying all his life...apparently it's in his genes! I'd love to find a copy of Thurman's essay for my brother...do you know whether it exists anywhere?

Thanks for your blog...I love it!

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